Workplace Rep Resources

MERAS Workplace Reps Conference 11 November 2020

Workplace Reps Resources

Workplace Reps Handbook

MERAS Workplace Reps Education 2020 flyer

Course Modules

Unit 1 – MERAS workplace representatives online introduction

Unit 2 – Introduction to being a Workplace Rep – About MERAS

Course Readings

  1. Barnes A and Markey R (2015. Evaluating the organising model. of trade unionism The Economic and Labour Relations Review.
  2. Boxall P and Haynes P (1997) Strategy and Trade Union Effectiveness in a Neo-liberal environment British Journal of Industrial Relations
  3. Peetz D, Murray G et al (2015). The meaning and making of union delegate networks. Labour Relations Review.
  4. Peetz D and Pocock B (2009). An analysis of workplace representatives union power and democracy in Australia. British Journal of Industrial Relations.

Useful Resources

Midwifery Staffing Standards

Recruitment & Retention Strategy

Conflict Resolution

MERAS Roster principles

Writing your Pepeha

Songs for Union Women

Video Clips

Norma Rae – Union Sign