Competent Domain

Requirements Evidence
Meets Midwifery Council requirements for an Annual Practising Certificate as a midwife Holds current Midwifery Annual Practicing Certificate
Is learning the responsibilities, priorities, policies, standards and practices of the organisation Is in the process of completing the organisation familiarisation/orientation programme
Meets the requirements of the position description Satisfactory performance appraisal/review
Practises autonomously on the basis of evidence-informed practice A reflection on their current midwifery practice, this may be their Midwifery Standards Review reflection on practice
For new graduate midwives – is undertaking the MFYP programme Is enrolled on the Midwifery First Year of Practice programme
For overseas midwives new to New Zealand – is undertaking the Midwifery Council programme for overseas midwives Is enrolled in the Midwifery Council programme for overseas midwives