Funding available to reimburse the CVCheck fee

Dear Members

The New Zealand College of Midwives have secured access to one off funding to provide a contribution to the cost of completing the Safety Check obligations (CVCheck) obligations under The Vulnerable Children Act 2014. The MMPO will be administering this funding on behalf of the College.

Key points in relation to the funding include:

• Community LMC midwives who are eligible for an employer-funded check cannot access this funding

• Community LMC midwives cannot access funding greater than the direct cost of their safety check payment to CVCheck

• All eligible community LMC midwives are able to access funding, including eligible community LMC midwives who have completed the CVCheck process since 1 August 2016

• The funding is only available for community LMC midwives who require a check to comply with the Vulnerable Children Legislation and will continue to practice after 1 July 2018

• The funding is not available for any re-checking that falls due after 1 July 2018

Once you have completed your CVCheck Assessment and have your Invoice/Receipt of payment from CVCheck, of which a copy can be easily downloaded when you login to the CVCheck website, you can apply to be reimbursed for the cost of this. Click here for help. CVCheck invoices will be reimbursed through MMPO, not the Ministry of Health.

What steps do I need to take?
  1. Click here to access the Individual Payment Authority Form online. This needs to be submitted so that we have your financial details on record to make payment, AND;
  2. Click here to email a copy of your Invoice/Receipt from CVCheck to the MMPO, or alternatively, you can fax a copy to the MMPO at 03 353 1167

Important: When you email your Invoice/Receipt to the address provided above, please do not add any text to the body of the email, as this will not be viewable, and we will not be able to act on anything contained within the body of the email. We will only have access to your attachments – this might be an image or PDF document.

Once it has been established that you meet the eligibility criteria, and both steps as outlined above have been completed, payment will be made in due course.

The opportunity to be reimbursed for the cost of a CV Check will be available until 30 November 2018. No claims for reimbursement can be accepted after this time.

Safety Check information for midwives practicing as Lead Maternity Carers.

Attached is a step by step guide to completing the check, along with information about Certified ID requirements. It takes up to 30 minutes to complete the process.

The Ministry have also provided a detailed ‘how to’ guide to completing the process. Please click here to view.

If a midwife is not currently an active authorised practitioner under Section 88, and is applying for a Safety Check (in order to become an authorised practitioner) she is considered a “New Worker”. This is a more expensive and lengthy process.

If a midwife is employed, her employer is responsible for ensuring the Safety Check requirements have been met.

Midwives who are both employed and working as LMC’s claiming off Section 88 may have already had a Safety Check completed as part of their employment process. There is an Employer Verification Form on the Ministry of Health website, with a copy attached, which midwives can ask employers to complete as evidence that the Safety Check requirements have been met as an alternative to completing the process described in the attached documents.

Any queries about the Safety Check can be directed to the Ministry of Health phone 0800 458 448, option 2

Once completed, please send a copy of your Final Assessment Certificate to Sector Operations at the Ministry by email or fax 03 474 8582 or post to Ministry of Health, Private Bag 1942, Dunedin.