MERAS Updates




MERAS Monthly Update August 2022 -MERAS 20th anniversary

MERAS Update – July 2022 -Parental Leave increase welcomed; Importance of Trendcare highlighted

MERAS Update – June 2022 -MPs respond to midwives

MERAS Update – May 2022 – International Midwives day

MERAS Update – March 2022 – Working through Omicron

MERAS Update – December 2021 – Christmas Message

MERAS Update December 2021 – Pay Equity Update, New Midwifery Clinical Coach and Maternity Care Roles

MERAS Update November 2021 – DHB MECA Update, Pay Equity Update, Vaccine Mandate

MERAS Update July 2021 – Voting on DHBs MECA to open on 7 July

MERAS Update June 2021 – Upcoming nurses strike, DHB MECA Update

DHBs MECA Negotiations Update – February 2021

MERAS Update Christmas 2020 – DHBs highlight Government’s commitment to lower paid workers

MERAS Update December 2020 -changes to Privacy Law; proposed changes to sick leave entitlement 

MERAS Update November 2020 – Reps celebrate MERAS history; Update on work on Holidays Act breaches, DHB MECA Negotiation dates

MERAS Update October 2020 – Counting down to the Election

MERAS pages from Aotearoa Midwife Issue 98, Sept 2020

MERAS Update September 2020 – Keeping midwives safe in the time of Covid; Abortion law reform impacts on midwifery 

MERAS Update August 2020 – Celebrating 30 years of autonomous midwifery (includes DHB MECA Payscales)

MERAS Update July 2020 – Election 2020

MERAS Update June 2020 – After Covid-19; Holidays Act compliance; Bargaining update

MERAS Update April 2020 – New ways of living and working with Covid-19

MERAS Update March 2020 –  COVID-19; Holidays Act compliance; obituaries

MERAS Pay Equity Update February 2020

MERAS Update February 2020 – Big year ahead in 2020 – year of the Midwife

MERAS Update in Midwifery News – December 2019

MERAS Update December 2019 – Midwifery Accord focuses on recruitment and retention of DHB midwives

MERAS Update 5/11/19 – Reps raise short staffing issues with Minister

MERAS Update in Midwifery News – September 2019

MERAS Update 5/9/19 – Deadline for Pay Equity interviews coming up

MERAS Update 23/8/19 – Midwives wanted for pay equity interviews

MERAS Update  6/7/19 – Pay Equity

MERAS Update 26/4/19 – DHB MECA and Pay Equity

MERAS Update 1/3/19 – DHB MECA, Pay Equity and Accord 

MERAS Update 15/01/19 – DHB MECA Facilitation

MERAS update 24/12/18 – End of year update

MERAS Update  18/10/18 – DHBs MECA Ballot Underway